Bridges First Offender and Multiple Offender Driving-Under-the-Influence Program is regulated by the State of California and all provisions and fees relating to the Program are approved by the State of California Department of Health Care Services.

Program participants must comply with State Regulations and the provisions of Bridges DUI Program Contract. Failure to comply with the Regulations and the Contract will result in termination from the DUI Program and subsequent notification to the referring Courts, Probation and/or the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) by Bridges DUI Program.


All new enrollments are by appointment only. Be certain that you have all the paperwork needed (listed below) and bring it with you to your appointment.

Bring with you:

  1. Photo ID
  2. Down Payment ($290)
    • Full payment of ($630) is required for enrollment in Wet & Reckless program.
    • Money order or cashier’s check ONLY! Absolutely no cash or personal checks!
  3. Court Referral or DMV Paperwork – You must bring with you either a current court referral, an Admin Per Se letter from the arresting agency, or a current DMV K-4 print out (life history) Before you attempt to enroll in our program, you must have documentation referring you to our program clearly indicating that you have a DUI on your driving record. You can obtain documentation from the California DMV and/or the Court of conviction.

Click here to find your local DMV office for information on how to obtain your Driving License Record. If you plan to obtain your record via the DMV website, please note that it is best to search for “Driving License Record” and be sure to select the “life history” printout.


  • After the date of your conviction, you have a certain number of days to enroll in a program. Failure to enroll on time will require you to return to the court of conviction and obtain a new court order. This can add to your court costs. Furthermore, if you do not enroll, the court system may issue a “failure to appear” arrest warrant.
  • It is your responsibility to determine which program the DMV and/or Court is requiring.
  • If you have been referred by a court outside Sacramento County, or you are transferring in from another program you have 21 days from the date of referral to enroll. Class space is limited, so do NOT wait until the last minute to enroll.

To schedule enrollment call (916) 840-7874.


Upon dismissal Bridges DUI Program will inform you by mail of the requirements for your reinstatement. Please note,
Participants must pay any and all past due balance prior to reinstatement. Bridges DUI Program may set up a pre-reinstatement payment plan with the participant, contact our office for information.

  • Court referred participants who are dismissed from the program may need a re-referral from the court to reenroll.
  • DMV referred participants who are dismissed from their program may need an H-6 DMV printout to reenroll.
  • Participants who reinstate may receive credit for activities completed prior to dismissal, provided the
    reinstatement was completed within twenty four (24) months from dismissal.
  • Bridges DUI Program may refuse to reinstate any participant who fails to pay their past due balance or was dismissed for physical or verbal abuse or threatening behavior.

To schedule Reinstatement call (916) 840-7874


  • Wet and Reckless
    Alcohol and Drug Assessment
    One – (30 – 60) Minute AOD Assessment

    Education Class Sessions
    Six – (2) Hour Sessions

  • 3 Month First Offender
    Alcohol and Drug Assessment
    One – (30 – 60) Minute AOD Assessment

    Face to Face (Counseling) Sessions
    Three – (15) Minute Individual Sessions

    Process Group Sessions
    Nine – (2) Hour Groups

    Education Class Sessions
    Six – (2) Hour Sessions

    MADD Victim Impact
    One – (2) Hour Session

  • 6 Month First Offender
    Alcohol and Drug Assessment
    One – (30 – 60) Minute AOD Assessment

    Face to Face (Counseling) Sessions
    Six – (15) Minute Individual Sessions

    Process Group Sessions
    Sixteen – (2) Hour Groups

    Education Class Sessions
    Six – (2) Hour Sessions

    MADD Victim Impact
    One – (2) Hour Session

  • 9 Month First Offender
    Alcohol and Drug Assessment
    One – (30 – 60) Minute AOD Assessment

    Face to Face (Counseling) Sessions
    Nine – (15) Minute Individual Sessions

    Process Group Sessions
    Twenty-Two – (2) Hour Groups

    Education Class Sessions
    Six – (2) Hour Sessions

    MADD Victim Impact
    One – (2) Hour Session

  • 12 Month First Offender
    Alcohol and Drug Assessment
    One – (30 – 60) Minute AOD Assessment

    Face to Face (Counseling) Sessions
    Twenty-Six – (15) Minute Individual Sessions

    Process Group Sessions
    Twenty-Six – (2) Hour Groups

    Education Class Sessions
    Six – (2) Hour Sessions

    MADD Victim Impact
    One – (2) Hour Session

  • 18 Month First Offender
    Alcohol and Drug Assessment
    One – (30 – 60) Minute AOD Assessment

    Face to Face (Counseling) Sessions
    Twenty-Six – (15) Minute Individual Sessions

    Process Group Sessions
    Twenty-Six – (2) Hour Groups

    Education Class Sessions
    Six – (2) Hour Sessions

    MADD Victim Impact
    One – (2) Hour Session

*Multiple offender participants: If the core program is not completed on time, additional face-to-face sessions may be required for which a fee of $25.00 each will be assessed.

MADD Victim Impact Panel

Participants are required to attend the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers Victim Impact Panel, also known as the MADD VIP https://www.madd.org/ presentation and submit proof of attendance to Bridges DUI Program.

*Sacramento County Wet and Reckless participants are not required to complete the MADD VIP.

*Requirements vary based on referring state/county. If you are an out of county or out of state participant it is your responsibility to understand the requirements of your order.

Find a MADD VIP near you.


Participants are required to attend all scheduled activities. Participants will be charged a fee for any missed session(s) not approved as a leave of absence. Per California Title 9 Regulations, Participants are not allowed to exceed the number of absences per enrollment period (as stated on page 1), and will be terminated from the Program for exceeding absences, or not attending Program activities for 21 days or longer. Upon termination from the Program, a notice will be sent to Court / DMV / Probation. If a participant is terminated from the Program for two (2) or more years, he/she will not receive credit for any Program activity previously completed or for any fees previously paid.

Participants are required to be on time for all appointments and scheduled Program activities. The door to the session room will be closed promptly at the start time; late arrivals will not be allowed in, it will count as a missed session, a fee will be assessed, and participants must schedule a make-up session.

If you are unable to attend a scheduled session, you are able to reschedule with a 24 hour notice. Please reschedule by calling your counselor and/or emailing your counselor (all contact information is provided at intake and is available on our agencies website; BY CLICKING HERE (link to “Contact my Counselor”) 24 hours prior to the start of your session (Note: Our phone system will time stamp your call so leaving a message is acceptable.) You will then schedule your make-up session at your next face-to-face or by contacting your counselor. The charge for a reschedule is $15.00 and you are allowed to reschedule as many times as you would like, as long as you do not go 21 consecutive days without participating in a required Bridges DUI Program activity (this does not include phone contact and/or office walk-ins, etc.)

If you do not call or email 24 hours in advance your absence will be considered a missed activity. You will need to schedule your make-up session at your next face to face or by contacting your counselor. The fee for a missed activity is $35.00 and you are limited in the number of absences allowed based on your program (see page 1).

Leave of Absence

  1. You must request a LOA if you are unable to attend any scheduled program component for 21 days or longer. You may also request a LOA for less than 21 days.
  2. You must submit a written request (LOA request form is available at the office and via our website; by clicking here (link to LOA request form) with verification or documentation to substantiate the leave for approval two weeks prior to the LOA. If you request retroactive approval for a LOA, you must also explain and provide documentation of the circumstances that prevented you from requesting prior approval.
  3. Leave of Absences are granted for the following reasons ONLY:
    • Military personnel whose orders or responsibilities requires an extended absence;
    • Participants whose work requires travel for extended periods of time;
    • Participants who are absent due to their own extended illness or medical treatment or that of a family member;
    • Participants who are incarcerated or are in a residential alcoholism/drug abuse recovery or treatment program;
    • Participants who cannot participate in program services due to an extreme personal hardship or family emergency. Reason for Hardship or emergency must be specific and documentable;
    • Participants who have requested an LOA for vacation. A leave shall be granted for a vacation only if all absences have been made up and outstanding fees have been paid.
  4. All scheduled program components missed while on an LOA will be added to the end of the schedule.
  5. You have 21 days from the scheduled return date to attend a Return from LOA appointment or you will be terminated.
  6. Time missed while on LOA will not be counted as participated time in the program.

Note: Upon approval of a Leave of Absence you will be removed from the schedule and a new schedule will be created upon your return. This may require a change of group, time, etc. based on availability.



  1. Food, drinks and smoking are allowed only in the designated areas or outside of the building.
  2. Visitors or children are not allowed in program activities.
  3. Children are not to be left unattended on Bridges DUI premises at any time.
    • This includes vehicles or waiting in the parking lot.
  4. Protect the confidentiality of all participants at all times.
  5. Waste and cigarette butts are to be placed in the proper receptacles.
  6. No part of the building shall be modified or defaced.
  7. Appropriate attire is required at all times.
  8. No sunglasses allowed during services.
  9. Sleeping or appearing to be asleep during program activities may result in an absence.
  10. Participation is a requirement.
  11. Be respectful – Be kind.
    • Acting in a threatening manner will result in dismissal.
  12. No cross talk.
  13. Participants who appear to be under the influence will be required to test. (Failure to test will result in dismissal.)
    • Positive test will result in referral to SHSP 2.3 or dismissal.
  14. Electronic devices and cell phones must be turned off or set to silent mode during program activities
    • Communicating via an electronic device during a session is a violation of confidentiality and may result in dismissal.


  1. Failure to comply with rules and regulations of the Program.
  2. If you are subsequently convicted of another DUI by the court while enrolled, you will not be given credit for any program activity prior to the date of the violation as required by SB1177.
  3. Failure to maintain program sobriety. Program sobriety means that participants shall not attend program services or activities or be on the DUI program premises while under the influence of any amount of alcohol or
  4. Failure to submit to a chemical test when requested to do so by a program staff member.
  5. Failure to obtain a Leave of Absence when unable to attend any scheduled Program component for 21 days. (Does not apply to Re-entry Phase)
  6. Failure to resume attending program activities within 21 days of the scheduled return from a Leave of Absence.
  7. Failure to attend two consecutive Re-entry sessions.
  8. Exceeding absences allowed per enrollment period without an approved Leave of Absence. 9. Failure to comply with the additional county requirement.
  9. Being physically or verbally abusive or acting in a threatening manner to program staff or other program
  10. Failure to pay program fees as agreed or to schedule and attend a financial assessment interview.
  11. Failure to participate in a required program component within 21 days of transfer to another program.

* Participants that enroll on a DMV Driver Record printout and are dismissed can reinstate immediately.

IMPORTANT: Participants must conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times, and adhere to (CFR 42, 2.1 through 2.67-1) the confidentiality of other participants of Bridges DUI Program.

Grievance Procedure

Participants have the right to voice concerns and complaints and to expect responses to reasonable requests made.

Participants are encouraged to address concerns directly with the staff member. If resolution is not achieved, you may schedule an appointment with the Program Supervisor or Program Manager.

Program Fees

  • Wet and Reckless ($630*)
    • Full payment is required to enroll in the Wet and Reckless Program.
  • First Offender 3 Month ($1,050*)
  • First Offender 6 Month ($1,400*)
  • First Offender 9 Month ($1,785*)
  • Multiple Offender 18 Month ($2,750*)
  • Out of County (variable fees depending on County requirements)

*Program fee includes Prime for Life Workbook
*Program fee includes September 1, 2023 fee increase by Department of Health Care Service (DHCS) Licensing and Certification Division

*Program fee does not include ancillary fees

Ancillary Fees

The following ancillary fees also apply to the Program and will be assessed when applicable:

Note: These are additional fees not included in the core program price.

  • Missed Activity Fee $50.00 Returned Check Fee $65.00
  • Reschedule Fee $25.00 Reinstatement Fee $110.00
  • Late Payment Fee $45.00 Leave of Absence Fee $45.00
  • Transfer Out Fee $65.00 Duplicate DL-101 (Research) $25.00
  • Alcohol/Drug Screening (positive result only) $85.00

Note: Intake Fee will be assessed for Transfer-In participants, the State Fee and Assessment Fee will not apply if already assessed by the sending program.

Note: Participant will not receive a Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Notice of Completion until all Program fees and, when applicable, additional charges (ancillary fees) have been paid in full. Additionally, transfers will not be issued until all fees incurred are paid in full.

Financial Suspension

If the fee/charges have not been paid within ten (10) days of the past due notice participant will be placed on financial suspension. After the fifteenth (15th) day from the date of suspension, the participant will be terminated from the Program and returned to Court/Probation/Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV).

Financial Evaluation

Participant may request a financial evaluation assessment to determine eligibility for a fee waiver or an extended payment schedule. Anyone having difficulty meeting their financial obligations should request a Financial Evaluation Assessment immediately. To request a Financial Evaluation Assessment please complete the following:

  1. Submit Request for Financial Evaluation. Request can be submitted by clicking HERE or visiting our program on Florin Road during office hours. Staff will contact you to schedule your appointment. (Make sure your contact
    information on file is up to date.)
  2. Gather the appropriate documentation. You MUST provide one piece of documentation from the Required Documentation List below.
  3. Appointment is scheduled. If you have not received a call from our office within 3 business days please call Bridges DUI Program at 916-840-7872 ext. 505 to speak with our Administrative Specialist or visit the Florin Road
  4. Arrive on time for assessment with required documentation. Assessment will take approximately 30 minutes. Notes: Should you arrive without appropriate documentation, full program fees will be assessed. Failure to attend appointment as scheduled and/or failure to provide documentation will require participant to submit a new Request for Financial Evaluation. (Assessment will be rescheduled and may require a 30 day wait before scheduling a subsequent appointment)

Important notes:

  • Proper documentation MUST be provided at appointment.
  • Assessments are completed by appointment only. NO WALK-INS.
  • Failure to attend appointment as scheduled and/or failure to provide documentation will result in assessment of full program fees, and may require a 30-day wait before scheduling a subsequent appointment.
  • Continued eligibility must be determined monthly.

Required Documentation List MUST provide one of the items below:

  1. General Relief/General Assistance Award Letter
  2. Copy of General Relief check with a current date and amount of monthly benefits.
  3. An award letter from the county welfare department, or other governmental agency, documenting eligibility for other public assistance and indicating the income level on which eligibility was based.
  4. Proof of income for the past two months: Pay voucher/stubs for gross wages, salaries, tips, bonuses, commission, etc. or net profits from self-employment. Proof of income from Social Security, retirement/pension, unemployment compensation, workers compensation, disability, VA benefits or other public assistance (AFDC, SSI, etc.), educational grants, financial aid/loans or training stipends.
  5. Bank statements from checking and savings accounts for the past two months.
  6. Unemployment benefits for the past two-months, or copies of checks, or copy of award letter for unemployment.
  7. Income tax return for the previous calendar year. Note: Anyone who is claimed as a dependent on another person’s income tax forms (student, spouses, children, elderly parent) must provide a copy of the income tax return of the person(s) who claim you as dependent.

Click here to request a financial evaluation.


A Completion Certificate certifying that a participant has completed the appropriate Driving-Under-the-Influence Program will not be issued to a participant until all Program requirements have been met and all fees/charges have been paid.

DUI Intake Forms

Please download and complete the forms below. After completing the forms, you can upload them below, email them to duiintake@bridgesinc.net, or bring them into your appointment. If any questions, please contact Bridges DUI.

Form 1: Informed Consent and Agreement for Program Enrollment

Form 2: Consent for Release of Confidential Information

Use the below button to upload any documents.  / Utilice el botón rojo a continuación para cargar cualquier documento.

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