When I came to Bridges, I was broken and had no hopes of ever seeing my children again. I have always known how to survive. But after five months with Bridges (and the greatest staff ever) they taught me how to live, not just survive…and now I see my kids. “Thank you” isn’t enough.


Bridges has truly fulfilled its goal of teaching and promising me a brand new way of life. I would like to thank Promise House for keeping its promise. The staff gives me love, support, and understanding. The biggest thing is they don’t pressure me to do things. They help me grow by letting me grow.


I like living here [Sober Living] because it is a structured environment and it minimizes the stress of life and the real world while I take time to focus on me and learn a new way.


Bridges has helped me with finding the person I am today.


I got my life back, I am learning how to live clean and sober.


We never knew life could be so fulfilling. Our lives are changed forever! Thank you Bridges


The way that the counselors care is what really makes it a success. Through all my hard work, I have since closed my CPS case, moved into my own home, and been clean still after graduation 9 months now. I also choose to participate in Bridge’s “aftercare services” to continue my learning and gather more tools. I am also going to ARC to be a Substance Abuse Counselor. I am very grateful to Bridges and my counselor for believing in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. Thank you.


My counselor and Bridges made such a positive impact in my life, I voluntarily and still attend the “aftercare services” Bridges has to offer. If anyone who is reading this feels like they are hopeless or knows anyone that is, I definitely recommend any services Bridges has to offer!


While still with STARS and having the continued support of my Recovery Specialist, I moved into Bridges SLE for Women and Children. Not only did moving here give me a huge sense of accomplishment, but my daughter was returned to my care upon moving here. The SLE gave me the structure I needed while plugging me right into a community of other women and other mothers who were also going through the same things I was.