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Outpatient Treatment Program

At Bridges we understand that initiating a recovery program while still faced with personal obligations requires a modified level of treatment. Bridges Professional Treatment Services offers an Outpatient Treatment Program that provides high quality, intensive alcohol and drug education for individuals dependent upon substances. Bridges utilizes current and best practices of trauma, co-occurring and evidenced-based treatment.Bridges Outpatient Program consists of: Early Recovery, Relapse Prevention, Social Support Groups, Individual Counseling Sessions, Alcohol and Drug Testing, and Involvement with Community Based Self Help Meetings. A welcoming and nurturing play care environment is available to everyone in order to assist individuals in achieving recovery while their children are being cared for. In addition to the intensive alcohol and drug education provided, Bridges offers Certified and CPS approved Parenting Classes. Our highly trained and committed staff provide a confidential and supportive environment where individuals can begin the recovery process and improve their lives. Using a multidisciplinary approach; we design a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan that provides the pathway of attainable goals for a lifetime of recovery. Our goal is to assist clients in removing barriers and creating BRIDGES to successful treatment outcomes. Our licensed and certified program is designed to meet the needs of each client through consistency, collaboration and compassion.


Outpatient Treatment

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