Bridges Drug Diversion

PC1000 Program


Bridges Drug Diversion PC1000 Program is licensed by the State of California for PC 1000 deferred entry of judgement charges. We offer multiple group days and times for participants requiring completion of Drug Diversion. 

Our clinical team provides the highest quality education and therapeutic interventions through evidenced based curriculum and practices that challenge each participant to go beyond meeting basic court requirements. Drug Diversion PC1000 programs serve to:

  • Focus on drug use leading to legal, medical and social problems.
  • Reduce drug abuse and criminal recidivism.
  • Expand knowledge of illicit drug use and its consequences.
  • Encourage healthy living to avoid drug use/ criminal acts.
  • Improve coping skill, decision-making abilities, and alternatives to unhealthy lifestyle activities.
  • Encourage support abstinence and recovery from drug use.

Bridges Drug Diversion Program is designed to meet the PC1000 requirements for Sacramento County. Tailored participation for counties with requirements different from Sacramento County requirements is offered when available. 

Services are available in English and Spanish.

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